We offer door knob hangers with an area ready for you to attach your business card. Or you can even have a type of business card connected to the bottom of the door hanger so your customer can conveniently remove the perforated card and keep it for future reference.



Email us today to receive a quote on our competitively priced door knob hangers and once the layout has been approved by you, the door hanger printing will be in production for approximately 10-11 working days. These door hangers will be customized and will display your message along with your company logo.


Our door hangers are made out of a durable and waterproof plastic substrate that can withstand spills, tears, and cracks. We have been a leading plastic card printing and manufacturing company for over 17 years, producing the highest quality plastic card products in the shortest turnaround time. We offer the both side printing of Door Hangers in full color, choose any color option and we will print it for you at very cheap prices.


Plastic door hangers can also be used as shower hangers for breast cancer prevention self exam reference cards, waterproof automotive hang tags for car dealerships, parking permits, or Do Not Disturb signs for hotels. If you are interested to rule over the minds of your customers, then attractive door hangers are the best solution.