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NFC tie tag is used for asset management

Le 22 mars 2017, 05:04 dans Humeurs 0

NFC asset management tag, this cable tie tags are specially designed for convenient for all kinds of asset label. Can be applied to wire shelves and even machines.

Imagine you are in a warehouse, or you need to add tags to such assets as the machine, then stick a paper to sign up or PVC or ABS label is not so appropriate. For such cases, tied on root zone is relatively easy, and this is the best solution.

NFC asset tags can be applied from the shelf into the machine, on any cable tie can be bundled. Moreover, relative to general industrial labels, it is just an alternative asset management tab.

With the NFC you can use a variety of equipment to scan it, moreover, it's much cheaper than other asset tracking forms, such as RFID, it possesses great advantages, so we are defined by our it business a top priority, it will be a market with enormous potential.

The NFC tie tag with a Ntag213 NFC chip and winding diameter of the articles of 35mm to 70mm. The products are highly recognized by the green with bright yellow panel and have alternative chip. While other colors can be customized.

What is the use of nfc tags? For more detail please contact us.

To find your luggage at a glance by hanging up the luggage tag

Le 3 janvier 2017, 08:13 dans Humeurs 0

People who often go on a business trip or love travelling, besides carrying some daily necessities, there is absolutely another weapon that cannot be forgotten, that is luggage tag. Suitcase, consignment card, hanging card, etc are widely used in the market, and popular in consumers. Let's know more about the luggage tag. Our company mainly produce , we produce plastic cards since 1999. Of course, other materials luggage tags we can also make, such as silicone or else.

Suitcase luggage tag has all kinds of colors and patterns, some are with letters, and some are with figures, cartoon images, characters images, etc. This can meet the demands of all consumers. Its material can be plastic or silicone and so on. Commonly used dimension is 85.5 * 54 * 0.76mm. Mainly used for people go on a business trip, people go to broad, tourists, and some baggage companies. Uniform packaging is sealed OPP plastic bag or customized package as client request.


This kind of luggage tag is with top quality, good strength, excellent flexibility, so the feel is absolutely great.You do not have to worry about stabing hand, easily breaking or falling. It can be used for a long time. It has a mezzanine, you can take out the signature paper, and then according to your own needs to write down personal information or signatures and so on. Small and medium enterprises can write the company's address, product information and contact phone number to use it as a business card, very convenient, and can also be a sign.

attractive plastic door hangers for customers

Le 8 décembre 2016, 11:20 dans Humeurs 0

We offer door knob hangers with an area ready for you to attach your business card. Or you can even have a type of business card connected to the bottom of the door hanger so your customer can conveniently remove the perforated card and keep it for future reference.



Email us today to receive a quote on our competitively priced door knob hangers and once the layout has been approved by you, the door hanger printing will be in production for approximately 10-11 working days. These door hangers will be customized and will display your message along with your company logo.


Our door hangers are made out of a durable and waterproof plastic substrate that can withstand spills, tears, and cracks. We have been a leading plastic card printing and manufacturing company for over 17 years, producing the highest quality plastic card products in the shortest turnaround time. We offer the both side printing of Door Hangers in full color, choose any color option and we will print it for you at very cheap prices.


Plastic door hangers can also be used as shower hangers for breast cancer prevention self exam reference cards, waterproof automotive hang tags for car dealerships, parking permits, or Do Not Disturb signs for hotels. If you are interested to rule over the minds of your customers, then attractive door hangers are the best solution.

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